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One day I found a big book buried deep in the ground

I opened it, but all the pages were blank.

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the Ether Bunny
I wish I could just open up my mind and spill it on the page, coalescing into words, flawless in their semantics, with quick reference charts and footnotes, maybe an overhead projection or two, and various coloured lines and important segments highlighted for ease of use and presentation.

This will have to do.

Alice came to a fork in the road. "Which road do I take?" she asked.
"Where do you want to go?", responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know." Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
~Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

"To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god."
~Jorge Luis Borges

"To us, it's not just about getting somewhere. It's about getting somewhere the Right Way. The challenge is to not be noticed, during or after. The challenge is to embrace the notion that no building is completely secure all of the time... The reward is the privilege of sights reserved for the few, the rush of eventual success, and the awe of what lies behind locked doors."
~Penn State Underground

**Fall 2007 lots of photo links are broken atm, will remain that way for a little while**

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