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Save you self infidel!

I know I'm just posting chats lately..

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:24 AM Morning.

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:26 AM I am presently dealin with some hardcore Arabs
that fing exception w/ my downloads....Oddly.

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:27 AM Hardcore Arabs?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:27 AM Ja

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:28 AM What are they doing?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:29 AM This man he has go!

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:29 AM End!!!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:30 AM *puzzle*

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:30 AM No more!!! Jihad!!!

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:32 AM Save man!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:33 AM Save you?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:33 AM Save you self!!!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:34 AM From Arabs?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:34 AM We are ficking Arabs!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:35 AM We are?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:35 AM Save you self from infedels!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:35 AM I don't see any nearby...

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:35 AM Dictator88 is now prison

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:36 AM Then who am I speaking with?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:36 AM Save you self infidel!

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:19 PM So you survived the Arabs I take it?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:20 PM Ah! Wow. ICQ made no noise this time. I didn't
see you. Hmm...

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:20 PM Arabs?

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:20 PM Oh, in the dream?

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:20 PM It was a dream? I thought you'd gone mental.

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:20 PM The weird torture thing?

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:21 PM I don't know, you told me last night to save
myself... something about Arabs and infidels..

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:21 PM What? Did I?

Spookachu 6/6/01 12:21 PM Yes. Look in your chat history with me, last
night was a little strange.

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:22 PM Wow!

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:22 PM I have no memory of this at all.

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:22 PM But, it's there.

Dictator88 6/6/01 12:22 PM I have no idea what the hell I was talking

I just got most of my files from my old place. Your mania is timeless.

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