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"Those repulse me like no other carried container."

I wonder if I can actually trace my cycle sans blood. Every time I go through one of these uber-moody periods, I wonder if it's premenstrual, "a case of the Mondays", or just.. life. I'm due for another Depo shot soon, I guess I'll ask to see the date for my first shot and do a little mapping.

It seems so bizarre that the most lifestyle criminals I know don't have drug connections. I meet a "normal guy" person in passing, and we just happen to run into his coke dealer. All the time people are offering me chump amounts of weed. (Half a joint, etc.) But I stop by someone who's "lifestyle" so to speak, and he can't even get weed. Or point me towards someone who can. I'm such a gimp as criminals go.

Sensitive Artist helped my (FINALLY) pry the trunk open so I could bring home an enormous cat tree. I'd take pics, but the @#%$ @#%$ing digital cam is having problems of the kind the require trading it in. (Just a blank "system error" screen when on) (Some jerk knows what it looks like though. Just imagine it with a house on top.)

I hate when people mention dates. Calender view is not my friend.

Happy anniversary.

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