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Origins Day 2

Aka: "I like to watch."

I slept a little late, after leaving my car on the street overnight, thinking I'd have 2 hours to move it in the morning.. Of course, realizing only after I woke up that that's two paid hours. Luck or laziness were on my side though, no ticket. And the con center lot was hella cheap - "woo-hoo".

It was more than wierd having the RPGA spread out over a wing of the convention center, not stuffed in the Hyatt basement. I started to become enamored with a particular social process. Seeing the way someone's face changed in that moment where they're barely opening their mouth about to say "hi", and suddenly clench up and look down.

"Good Morning, how are you?"

"Hey, what's up?"

"I said, 'Good Morning, how are you?'"

I got a visitor's pass in the morning so I could ransack the Dealer's Room, got lost briefly in a bad hallway, and came away with only a few Totoro's and a few books.

You don't have to actually speak to be a really bad liar.

I'm having a hard time verbalizing what really amounts to the most fun I had. Maybe I'll try to break it down after the mundane entries.

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