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Origins Day 1

Aka: Not exactly Origins yet.

On the way out of Philly I saw a great SUV.. some huge black thing with an "Artist Formerly Known As.." symbol painted on the back (in purple of course), and a "Lovesexy" license plate. The air smelled like fire most of the day, and tire parts littered all highways.

I stopped for the evening at Colin's, and it was so.. so.. that thing that it is when we're together yet not and everything's all wierd but we're having fun, but there's still this something or other running parallel to this fun. It's damn hard to be laughing a foot away from him, and not reach out and touch him in some way, and I don't even know if I should, or shouldn't, if I'm overthingking (Ok, so that's given), if he cares (whether I do or not), and all the rest. But I didn't want him to feel any kind of coersion, soo... Blah.

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