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"Excluding the Game Boy Advance, the Gamecube is the least painful projectile of this hardware generation."

So I went to the mall today, and Victoria's Secret is having a "We're cool like JCPenny's" free bra fitting. I went to the dressing rooms where the "Bra Specialists" are waiting.. it was the most rushed and confused "professional" anything I've had in a long while. She put the measuring tape around me, but not actually under my breats. Like she was going for under but stopped not quite clear. The tape isn't even snug around me, and she says "I'm reading you at between 36 and 38." (Perhaps I should mention now I normally wear a 34..) Then she holds the tape around my breasts. Not actually against them, mind you, quite far out from my body.. but the tape is in a circle around that general area, which is what counts to a Specialist, right? "Yes.. probably a 36 D or DD." (..C) I probably should have complained, or at least filled out a nasty comment card, but I was just so eager to put as much distance between me and her face that I left the store without even a token purchase. (Very unusual for me.)

Here's my conversation from my stop in Hall of Heroes. It's not as bad as it sounds, it felt kinda like getting carded.

"Did you see our Winnie the Pooh?"


"Yeah, I noticed when you walked past it you were facing the other direction."


"I mentioned it because I saw the Pooh on your bag." (I have a WtP zipper-pull thing) (He's wearing a cape, it's sehr goth.)

I stopped my browsing, bought a bunch of stuff, and I don't even feel drTY about it. (I thought about feeling dirty, then I thought "Hehehe" instead.)

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