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"Perhaps I have something I can scald you with."

I just woke up from a dream about a bunch of people talking about stuff.. all crowded into a room "standing room only" style.. Some guys crowded near my bro were all listening to one guy, who kept going on and on about cat torture. You could tell he was really into it, not just talking. I ended up punching him a lot, (after asking permission from Brothx0r, heh), which is actually really wierd 'cause in my dreams, no matter what the circumstances are I usually fight like Mr Burns. But this time I really punched this guy up. I don't remember if he was even trying to fight back. Probably not. I awoke during the beat down.

I feel like a creature from an outdoor locale. (Lagoon, moor, backalley, duckpond..) Not from the heat exactly, but last night I got a shower pretty late, so my hair was still completely wet when I went to bed. That plus I'm out of conditioner means my hair looks damn scary atm. Pretty funny really. The fun part is going to be doing something with it to make a conditioner run. Unless I give in to this urge to just go as is. But then I'd probably do much more shopping, heh.

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