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Does the end of the weekend justify the means?

King of the Ring was muchos funos, but it ended on an irritating note because the hostess thought I was trying to dump junk-booze on her on purpose. (I brought a 6-pack of Captain Morgan Gold, and since I only drank soda, she thought it was a "here's some yuck alcohol I'd like to unload" ploy.) Graar. Not hostile or anything, but irritating because even after I explained it to her, she came across "sure, sure". I ended up having to take it home because she offered "you can leave it here if you really don't want it".. Jebus fuck. Sartre was right, hell is other French people. So I'm drinking them now!

I spent a lot of yesterday comfort-shopping and flipping out trying to coerce my new cd label making software work. I'm afraid to even touch the magnets. I did end up with some really really swanky labels/inserts. It's the only redeeming quality for burned CDs.. their natural state looks so g0ddamn ugly.

The Emomobile should be fixed tomorrow.. a little thing I probably failed to mention about overheating recently for no reason. Tuesday, after sitting for several hours, many of which getting rained on, it still reheated on the way home. But! My dad looked at it Friday and we (re: he) noticed the fan wasn't turning at all. So likely Monday with be a short and sweet fix. He even insisted on giving me a check, which I hate. I appreciate it, the thought and all that.. but I also feel bad. I really hate family cash. I swear "I'm doing fine!" and they still won't quit. Yeah yeah, could be worse I know, but I feel guilty about it, because I really am doing fine, and they're not rich, they could be helping themselves.

Me "Tell me about it. My ex is an hour away from me all weekend, and I know I won't see fuck all of him.. (He's usually much farther.)"

Her "*sigh* That sucks... I know how you feel. Maybe... He'll drop in or something and be like, "Sup?" :( :)

Me "Never. He is exactly the kind of person that would never, ever "drop in". :("

Me "Of course that doesn't stop me from looking out the window every now and then."

222 - The Land of Fire

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