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NyQuil, Great g0d of Nihil

Woke up on the tail end of a dream about my mom masturbating, a pretty good indication of where the night was going. Ok, not exactly true. A dream about me and Sensitive Artist stopping by my mom's house, and he put on the tv.. I was looking for 3 cent stamps. Then we started hearing sounds from upstairs, my mom moaning, and throwing out religious slogans.. Like "In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, let me cum.", etc. I wanted to get out asap, but S.A. didn't sem to understand the need to leave quickly and quietly. Finally I roused him towards the front door, but he left the tv on, and I went back to turn it off.. only to hear my mom answer the phone and say "I've got to go, my daughter stopped by." I bolted stiffly into the downstairs bathroom (past a confused S.A.) to avoid seeing her. Eventually came out and said we had to go immediately, and woke up after crisp goodbyes.

Should have gone back to sleep. Should have gotten the help I needed.

Two hours later I'm still awake, and in this time have not been able to save a single whale. Sometimes I wonder if Mrs Manson can hear me through the walls, the floorboards. Her bedroom is right below mine.

There are lies you shouldn't tell children.

There are songs men weren't meant to listen to before sunrise.
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