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Was trying to come up with a cheap, easy saying that parallels life to pro wrestling. In the end it went something like.. "Life is like professional wrestling.. mostly it just jars your spine a bit, and every once in a while someone falls out of the rafters and dies." Not what I started aiming for but.. yeah.

I have to find out how to make my comp stop sending me messages when someone tries to call me. I don't even have call waiting or anything, but still I get "incomming call, would you like to disconnect?" type pop-ups. Every time I know it's my family, because everyone *but* my parents has my cell phone #. For some reason, seeing them try to call me always makes me angry. This seems "wrong" to me, but knowing I shouldn't be doesn't make me any less angry every time the message pops up. I know the next time I see or talk to them, they'll bitch about how hard I am to get in touch with, and I'll just sit there and nod instead of suggesting maybe they don't need to talk to me every 3 days. We don't even have anything to talk about. The times we do talk, all they have to work with is "I just wanted to know how you're doing." Same as I was last week! Wow! Maybe I'm more bitter because there are no updates. But I don't know what they expect me to say. I feel like they're asking me for something, and I can't understand what they're saying. I think about when I was about to move, considering telling them I moved much farther than I did. Maybe it would have been a difficult lie to keep up, but I'm feeling now like it could have been worthwhile.

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