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moving shifting

What's with all the engineers lately? Capitol and lowercase, they're fucking everywhere.

Somehow inserting "your hair is everywhere" into Google resuslts in more links to diaries than anything else. All I wanted was lyrics, but now I feel drTY about it.

"id have thought youd be more into Kali than Shiva =)" Pfft. People don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'. I could spend hours... hours after hours.

My mom and her husband seem like they're really going to split up now. Even through her insanity, I guess I can understand her motives, if nothing else. It's amazing the things she can make herself believe, though. And all they can both do is try to mangle semantics into what they want the words to say. Nothing is on them.

"you always seem to have something, if not interesting, then factual to say." I think I'll take this as compliment. One that makes me laugh, yes.

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