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Devil knows what possessed me to shoot my arrows straight into the sky.

(Aka, I argue like an asshat)

If I get into one more IRL argument about messageboard people I am going to flip out and kill the whole town. Although for humor's sake, I'm going to post a piece of my day, so I can come back and look at it long after it scrolls away from it's natural habitat.

And yes, I left off the beginnings, because it doesn't matter.

Some guy "I find it funny that sex is still considered a secret thing. It's just soo stupid. It's a basic function for life. Why do people want to hide it?"

Bagginsessss "It's not a basic function of life. I know too many HS girls that treated it like that and messed up their relationships to call it "just a basic function of life". If it were "just a basic function of life" we wouldn't have statitory rape and it wouldn't make international news when it's found 14 year old japanese girls sell themselves to business men to buy guchi handbags."

Me "You missed the point. Recognizing that sex is a normal, universal human experience is not the same as endorsing casual sex, which you seemed to equate it to. If it wasn't treated like a dirty little secret, educated people could make educated decisions. No one should feel bad or like less of a person for wanting or having sex, same as no one should feel bad for not wanting or having it."

Mark Hammil "I don't understand what the big deal about it is.

Say one couple thinks its fun and enjoys it -- who gives a rip if they have casual meaningless sex all the time? Long as they're not pumping out a steady line of kids they can't provide for I don't see how it should be anyone elses concern. They're not hurting anyone and they're having fun. More power to 'em.

Then on that same token, if another couple wants it to be some super special extremely intimate thing that is taken very seriously -- good for them too.

All that blanket "It should be this" "It should be that" stuff is crap. Its different things to different people.

Whatever floats your boat. Odds are you're gonna be coupled with a partner who feels the same way you do about that sort of thing so do what makes you happy and let others do likewise."

Bagginsessss "I agree w/ most people on the front that admitting your sexual behavior should not be a problem because sex is something that is natural to do, (we're not talking dendrophilia here).

But it becomes very obvious that for many High School students see sex not as something that is shared but something that is done when your dating. Or something you do to make your signifigant other. And it's not. This isn't something where you can look at it from two different views. The 2 extremes being, "It's a beautiful, marvilious thing that should be shared w/ the 1 person you'll live with forever after you are happily married" and the other, "boy it feels good. . . What, thats it. there's nothing else to it.". It IS an emotional thing. Much more so for women than for men but still for both.

To say it's just something physical and then to object to things like teachers and students having consentual sex, or statitory rape, or 14 year olds prostituting themselves to 40 year old men for money assuming all precautions are taken, is to contradict yourself. If it's just something physical and physical precautions are taken, why protect youths? They're not going to get physically hurt, (in the long term). It's only on an emotional land phychological level.

Though as I write this I realize it's pointless. No-one here is willing to change thier views on such things. We, (myself included), are only willing to argue our sides, not consider those of others. Since I have this post written, I'll post it, but it won't do anything. It won't convince anyone. It'll take personal experience w/ a friends or with yourself before you see these things. Or maybe your already too jaded for this to apply. Either way, I'm not going to say any more on the subject. It's wasting words."

Mark Hammil "Quote:
It IS an emotional thing. Much more so for women than for men but still for both.

Ahh, well I'm so glad we have someone who speaks for every person alive here."

Me "Do you ever wanna ask "Just what thread are you reading, because nobody said what you're saying they did"?

I know I do."

Some guy "Yeah I would like to know what the hell happened too {Ninjalicious}. All I was trying to say was that basically almost everything has sex and it shoulden't be a secret. Somehow someone took that and twisted it into people running around and humping everyones leg they can find."

Mark Hammil "Sex is only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing.

In the examples {Bagginsessss} uses -- a 14 year old whoring herself to a middle aged business man so she can buy a purse. Well duh, of course that is a bad thing. As is statitory rape.

But they're both completely irrelevant to the conversation, as we're talking about consensual sex between two adults.

With that said, humans and dolphins I believe are the only two species who use sex not only as means to reproduce but recreationally as well, and while the dolphins may not have means to prevent pregnancy -- we do.

And that should be the first concern. If you're not pumping out lots of kids (unless of course thats your goal) then why is it wrong for both of you to partake in an activity that you both enjoy?

Lets use golf as a metaphore for a second. Lets say you've got two different couples playing. One uses traditional swings and techniques (puns intended, of course) and they do well with it.

The other uses different techniques, but it gets the job done just as well and they're happy with it. Who's to say they're wrong then?

Basically what I'm saying is live and let live. I don't have a problem with whatever you want to make sex. I do have a problem when you start to try pushing those beliefs onto other people though. Because sex IS NOT the same thing to everybody. Period.

What it is to you could be entirely different from the next guy. And like I said before -- chances are you're going to end up with a partner in life who basically agrees with your viewpoint. So do whatever works for you, as long as your happy it doesn't really matter. Just let others do the same."

Smarty Guy "While I usually agree with {Bagginsessss} I can't on this. In the United States we are way to repressed when it comes to sex. Sex in and of itself is an animal physical activity, it has nothing at all to do with emotions. Sex is not some sacred thing that can only have meaning if you are in love. I understand that you have had female friends that have been hurt because of sex, but maybe they would have been better off if the entire myth that sex equals love had never been taught to them. I am NOT saying that sex isn't better when there is love involved, I'm just saying it's not necessary.

We as humans attach emotions to sex, and the only time this becomes a problem is when both partners don't communicate their end desires."

Bagginsessss "What is wrong w/ statitory rape?"

Mark Hammil "So you don't see anything wrong at all with a 60 year old man convincing a 12 year old girl is okay to screw him? If I remember correctly, {Bagginsessss} -- you went off the wall back when we had that post about that old guy in a retirement home getting that little girl pregnant. It was consensual, she just wasn't informed.

Sure, you get the occasional case of an 18 year old and 17 year old brought up. But for the most part people don't use the law for that reason unless they've got other motives. And stopping the first example is what the law was created for in the first place"

Bagginsessss"I see a ton wrong w/ it. I just don't see how a 16 year old having sex w/ another 16 year old is any worse for that person than the same 16 year old having sex with a 40 year old.

But what do YOU see wrong w/ it {Mark Hammil}? It doesn't hurt the 12 year old physically. And your arguement is that it doesn't hurt the 12 year old phychologically or emotionally because it is 'only a physical thing'. So what do you find wrong w/ it other than it's inherent taboo?"

Smarty Guy "I didn't say that.

I do have a problem with that, because I don't believe that a twelve year old can make an informed decision about sex. The ages are arbitrary because in some states it's 16 and others it's 18. There is no specific age at which every person is suddenly mature and can make informed decisions on this matter.

By informed decision I mean one where the person understand all the responsibilities that come with sex. All of the inherent dangers and risks. I know people in their twenties who don't appriciate those risks and take proper precautions to avoid them. By risks I don't mean just physical risks either, but the emotional risks too."

Me "I've read over this thread again and for the life of me, I don't see {Mark Hammil} saying "sex is purely physical" anywhere. WTF are you reading {Bagginsessss}? In order to make a point, you have to actually read what other people have said, not just make it up because you don't have answers for what they really said."

Mark Hammil "I never once said sex was a purely physical thing.

and {Bagginsessss}:









Annoying Tooly Guy "Sorry, in my opinion, no 12 year old can even dream of having "an informed opinion" about what sex is or does to you. People 2x that 12 year olds age still don't have a clue what sex is about. It may be taboo and all, but if you set that aside, sex is still something that is beyond 12 year olds, not matter how bright or understanding they may be.

--This is my opinion disclaimer thingy--"

Smarty Guy "There are only emotional risks because we as humans create them. We attach unnecessary emtions to an act that every species of animal does. Again I am not saying that sex isn't better in a loving relationship. I am just saying there doesn't have to be emotional consequences if we as Americans weren't so up tight about sex, and people were more honest about what they wanted out of a relationship.

As far as waiting to get married to have sex, I think that's one of the biggest mistakes a couple can make. I know more than one couple who are pretty screwed up when it comes to sex, and the thing those couples have in common is the fact that they waited till marriage to have sex. You don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, so why do people get married without seeing if they are sexually compatible?"

Me "{Annoying Tooly Guy} no one actually said it was ok for 12 year olds to have sex. {Bagginsessss} just pretended we did.

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