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Office, Submarine!

My smoke allergy, psychosomatic as it may be, kicked in majorly last night. I used to be able to breathe it just fine. More and more though, the smell of it kicks in this reaction in my brain that makes me want to stop breathing/smelling it at all costs. Either get out of range, or hold my breath. Or hold my breath until I'm out of range, whatever. Or get out of range, spin around three times, then hold my breath.

I woke up this morning at the tail of a rather unfriendly dream.. the tastier bits being someone turning into a computer (this doesn't mean anything, right? ... right?) and me being in charge of the camera and a great deal of plastic jewelry. Being in charge of the camera I can deal with. Being in charge of the plastic jewelry gives me the yucky feeling. Despite the fact that IRL, I have quite a lot of plastic jewelry.

I'm learning more about The Little Webcam That Could.. which involves a lot of moving of the shades and wondering why there is no happy medium regarding light. Everything at this point is either dark like a 1st year gothic photo student's "art", or so washed out several stars get jealous. And it makes me think everything attatched to my comp needs an extension cord. Sure I could just use the motion detection mode, but that doesn't give me the facist level of control I need in my pics. Not that I'm making any great art, I'm just obsessive!

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