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"I killed you, you killed me, we're even! Enough with this metafuckingphysical shit."

Bones was... incredibly fun. I really needed some undead pimp action yesterday. Drained does not begin to cover it. Drained implies an ebb and flow. I've just felt sporky. (That is to say, full of sporks.)

Lamoid developing is bringing me to the point of actually buying a digital camera.. I got our KitH pics back last week, and got a disk to share them with Brothx0r and Sensitive Artist (and lesser people who were not in attendance) (/disclaimer), but the disk was about as shitty as could be. All grainy and super-cropped. Oh look, there's me next to the bottom half of Bruce's head! Thanks Kodak!

Jebus. This window has been open for an hour.

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