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Ack! Thimblex0r!

I just went out to visit Colin last night. I wanted to talk with him, figure out what, if anything, is going on at this point. Figured we're so 'buds' online that maybe it would take full IRL to break the silence. His projected aura of 'arm's length friendly' managed to ward me off most of the night. We did stuff like watch tv, play/watch some comp/console games, go to Denny's, etc with not even the vaguest recognition of Events at Large. Only after it was clearly time for me to go did we start talking at all, but it was a lot better than I thought. Not exactly "good" in the traditional way, but at least in my mind, better than what I expected.

I passed roadkill after roadkill on the way home. Some were huge bloody messes that looked more like a small bundle of fur in the middle of a paint spill. I didn't hit anything, but I couldn't help but think they were for me, each time I passed one. Yes, I was quite tired. Innocent typo, or Freudian slip? The first time I wrote that out it said "bundle of fun".

Following entries will contain what I wrote offline from February on. Don't go all stupid with the sympathy when it gets ugly, obviously it got better.

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