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"I thought this was supposed to be easy.. 'Nothing major'?"

Easter is really fucking with me. Maybe it's for the best. One minute, I'm tearing in my beer. The next I'm bouncing around all spring-high. Birds are singing, flowers blooming, bunnies hoppin', et al. Then I start thinking about things best forgotten, and the leak begins anew. The other night I actually physically cried for 3 hours. I logged off at 7:30ish.. went upstairs and laid down, began crying, and when E knocked on my door at 10:20ish, tears were still flowing. I don't know whether to get 'meds' or just start shouting "GOTH AS FUCK!" at everyone I see. Maybe I just need a bunny. Is this like when some fine American folks decide, "My life's shit, maybe I just need a baby to make it all better.."? Of course, a bunny is harder to traumatize. And cuter.

I still want to give birth to a litter of bunnies.

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