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It got worse, but I'm in no mood to confess/modify.

A so-called friend of mine sends me this email link to create a Neopet.. a cutesy, online creature you can do jebus knows what with. So in lieu of banging my head against the wall (to my left), I started, almost inadvertantly, registering a pet. Part of me is wondering "Why? Why me?" (Although really, I know.) And of course, the rest of my brain is just trying to numb conciousness to the fact that I'm actually participating in this.

Pictures of Poke-type-things flash by on the screen. One stands out to me, being a bunny and all. Some of these pictures say "limited edition" beneath them.. including the bunny-thing. But it looks available, with a "pick me!"ish clicky thing underneath it. I click! I pick! I get sent to the "We're out of that, try again" page! WTF?! Limited Edition fake pets! That are free! Was there really a danger of there releasing TOO MANY fake bunnies into the fake world?

So I pick something else, "customize" it, log in and all that junk. What's there to do? @#%$ if I can tell! I try exploring.. nothing seems to happen. I try to pick up stuff at the free-stuff-for-n00bs tree. As fast as the page refreshes, stuff appears and dissappears. After a dozen tries, I give up and go back to "exploring". (It would be exploring, perhaps, if anything happened.)

There are stores, but I couldn't shop in them. Quests, but I had no idea how to follow up on them. Places to visit, but all I saw was a small landscape with a brief description. Was there a point to "seeing" them? I don't know!

Help feature? Perish the thought! The FAQ has questions like "How do I tell the elves I've completed the blah-blah-blah.." How about "WTF AM I DOING?" No, I guess not enough people asked that.

And yes, true to online style, right before I close the page I got a random guild invite from people I've never met.

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