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Every once in a while, I see a reply in a friend's LJ so moronic I just have to check out the source. See if this is a One Issue deal, or just another uneducated, naive "friend" of someone I'd prefer to think of as at the very least, discerning. I have never done such a search and observed anything less than a full-frontal idiot. Sad. Gives me that "WTF is wrong with you? I thought you had an ounce of regard." feeling, which I suppose is, in most cases, for the best. You know the type.. those "I saw it on the 6 o'clock news, it must be true/false." people who love to consider their complete reactionaryism as some sort of wisdom. Don't even know why I'm bothering, really. Ah well.

This might be the best birthday ever, if I ignore of course the possibility of pure-glee birthdays as a child. I went to sleep last night feeling nothing less than alien. I awoke grinning ear to ear, smiled all day since, and show no sign of breaking. I was sure 29 was supposed to suck eggs. Maybe 30 will be worse? Dunno, and atm, don't care. I haven't felt such irrefutable pleasure in many weeks.

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