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Because I like to irritate myself...

Why do so many pseudo-intellectuals love to assume that one person is more responsible for their actions than another? Let's say 2 people commit a wrong. Someone starts complaining about it.. do they say "these 2 people fucked up"? No, they pick one.. be it The Bad Person (the other person is all sweetness and light and must have been coerced), The Smart Person (the other person just isn't sharp enough and was coerced), The Aggressive Person (the other person is docile and was coerced).. whichever. They attribute all sorts of reasoning why this person committed an injustice on the other (lesser) person, and ignore completely any sense of personality or self awareness of the victimic half of the dastardly duo. Jebus, even side kicks in the media have personalities and make choices. But not in the minds of these great defenders, tirading against the horrible mean mean bad people.. never realizing (never coming close to being smart enough to realize, I should say) that all they are doing is whittling down the human value of the people they perceive themselves as "defending". After all, those people are too weak/dumb/intangibly lesser than the people they chose to partner with, right?

You know, ranting just isn't as fun when you know the people you're complaining about will never see it.

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