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I recieved a strange fulfillment of my recent urges to violently cut the wheel to the left while speeding up or down 95.. Last night I opted to brave the evil snowstorm, and while heading out of Ye Olde City of Brotherly Goblins on 76, I had an involuntary spin.. I'd already discovered earlier that anything bordering on a sudden stop made the rear of the car swing to the right.. So I'm putting along at about 30mph, as the sparse traffic around me seemed to be content with also, when the van in front of me breaked suddenly then continued. I breaked, and the rear spun completely out leaving me facing about 8 o'clock of my previous heading. Luckily, there was no one close enough behind me and I was able to back up and spin myself around before they got within smashing distance. There were about 5 cars stopped right in the area I spun, so I pulled in between the last two to catch my breath and re-swallow my heart. I couldn't even tell if the people nearby had an accident, or were just scared like me. I kinda wanna replicate it in an empty lot somewhere, but I'm not really sure if I could get ticketed for that. I know the driving manual tells you to practice that kinda shit, but it also tells you to honk loudly any time you pass bikes or pedestrians, and to "go with the flow of traffic", heh.

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