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Elrik has taken to calling me "Drunky" today. As in, "Hey Drunky, can I check my email?" and "Hey Drunky, can I have some of your rum?" In preparation for beginning the move tomorrow evening, I started my very first "well stocked bar" purchases, in addition to the tedious stuff like my own can opener and q-tips and suchly. I also plan on fully mirroring one room, as those 5 by 2(ish) foot mirrors at K-mart are only $6+. The plan thus far is, buy lots of mirrors, strip the ugly plastic frames away, and mount them firmly side to side. I might go for a double stack (complete floor to ceiling) if my sanity permits. Two full walls in one room should be enough though. I'm itching to get the keys so I can really scope the place out better and form a "game plan" of sorts. I've never ever had a place that was just MINE to do what I pleased with. To experiment and fuck around and OWN. "Home" is something that you form around yourself, not a hole you suddenly land in or something someone else can make for you. I wish I could find Leo Lionni books online. Not for sale, just hosted online somewhere.


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