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Daunting, is what I said when the lady at 7-11 asked what I thought of classes so far. Like seemingly everyone within a mile radius she "knows someone who went to that program." She tells me about her daughter coming home crying saying "I can't do it, I just can't" and how she told her to never drop out not evar and lo she did pass all this and lo the boards too. I don't go to the 7-11 anymore but I think about that woman's encouragement a lot on days I come home crying thinking fuck nursing, fuck it PR. A woman I am hovering around offering lackluster care to during clinical asks why I want to be a nurse, they always seem so busy from what she can tell. I tell her a lie about how all jobs are busy in their own way because I'm too embarrassed to say I want to be there for people. Of course.. I also want to wear shoes that weren't made to kick off your feet and I'm afraid of getting that look all of the nurses we meet seem to have and at heart I don't really know if I'm going in the right direction and for fucks' sake I would like some time to myself.

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