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Posting this way hurts me more than it hurts you.

"Now I have this image in my mind of Gandalf shouting "Get the f*** away from Sauron! FoTR is raiding here u noobs!" and "Stop stealing our pulls u jerks or we'll have Legolas train u again fags. Were leaving as soon as we've pl'ed Frodo to 50th.""

"Bilbo tells the group, 'r0x0r i pickpocketed the orcs scalp! rofl!!'"

"You have slain Saruman!
-You have looted a palantir-"

"Welcome to MiddleEarth!
You have entered the Mines of Moria.
You shout, 'camp check'
Boromir says out of character, 'hey i heard sauron went down on Elbereth server is that true??'
Gandalf shouts, 'balrog camped'
Aragorn shouts, 'Balins tomb camped.'
A Moria Orc scowls at you, read to attack - What would you like your tombstone to say?
Gimli shouts, 'Pippin stop training the trolls u n00b!!!1'
You shout, '11 ringbearer LFG'
Legolas shouts, 'dammit i cant hit anything with this bow! when are they gonna fix us rangers?!?!?'
Sam auctions, 'WTB longbottom leaf pipeweed send tells'
Pippin says out of character, 'STFU stoopid dorf!! not my fault u died'
A Moria Orc slashes YOU for 16 points of damage!
A Moria Orc slashes YOU for 23 points of damage!
A Moria Orc kicks YOU for 11 points of damage!
A Cave Troll bashes YOU for 32 points of damage!
A Cave Troll bashes YOU for 29 points of damage!
You say out of character, 'TRAIN TO HOLLIN ZONE! MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!'

"Tom Bombadil tells the group, 'Ah my friends, worry not, tis a time to relax and be merry! I have plenty of weed for all of ye, so sit for a spell.'
Gandalf tells the group, 'STFU and play manasong bitch!'
Frodo tells the group, 'dude, i'll trade you a the one ring for some of that @#%$ you're smokin'
Aragon tells the group 'fag rp'rs'"

"Gollum /petition 'some1 hacked my account and stole my precious. Im sure it was Baggins in FotR cuz now he has one all of a sudden. Ban Baggins plz'"

"Aragon says in guildchat 'STFU Legolas, my class is much worse than yours moron! At least your epic isn't broken!'"

"Gandolf tells the group, 'i tihnk i invited the wrnog guy'
Froodoo tells the group, 'yeah im not in the right group'
Argorn tells the group, 'gandolf u ufckng moron'
Gondaaalf tells the group, 'stfu ur not perfect'
Gandolf tells the group, 'ill kick ur ass out bitch'
Arogarn has been removed from the group.
Argorn tells the group, 'loolol u idiot'
Gandolf tells the group, 'fu dumbshit'
Legoalas tells the group, 'stop fightng asses inc mbo'
Laoglas tells the group, 'i thot i was pulling, 2 mor inc'
Gemlee tells the group, '@#%$ dammt u gimps'"

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