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Does "going to the car to listen to Toby Keith songs" sound like a euphemism?

This year's block party is brought to you by, "You stay in your house and wait for your million dollar settlement while my sister's dead!!". It's also essentially an empty street with a half dozen or so tables, mostly chunked up at the far end from us. The past few years have been sidewalks packed with merry outdoor drinkers from 8ish am till dawn the next day, to even get from our house off the block was a weave of trying not to step in kiddie pools full of ice and cans. A rented moon bounce and djs shouting about raffles and giveaways and the wet t-shirt contest. This year's highlight seems to have been the hour or so the hydrant was let open, although considering someone's taken to opening it every damned day this summer today's more like a holiday from the hydrant I guess.

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