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Parts is parts

I learned something tonight, don't wander around outside Saturday night when you've got a headache. I got lost 5 blocks from my house. Made a turn somewhere along the line, hearing nothing but the pounding, not looking, and whammo.. welcome to Where the Fuck am I?

The bulls have been pissy lately. And I'm in no mood to deal with my own, let alone anyone else's. Why can't "Get the fuck away from me" be used as a term of endearment?

There is nothing I loathe more than my own anger.

I almost bought Slytherin socks for a certain someone, but then I realized I just can't bring myself to spend dollar one on Hari Pota crap, and the fact that I know WTF a Slytherin is bugs me, so I'll just tell her they have them at Wallmart and leave it at that.

"Now I know I'm being used
That's okay man cause I like the abuse
I know she's playing with me
That's okay cause I've got no self esteem
We make plans to go out at night
I wait till 2 then I turn out the light
All this rejection's got me so low
If she keeps it up I just might tell her so
When she's saying that she wants only me
Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends"

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