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Time for a crime spree!

The day started out innocently enough. Play "I Like Ta Move It Move It" into an answering machine. Pack the trunk with laundry. Myself and The Unibomber V.2 cross the bridge, Sol Invictus in the cassette player. For the first time in who knows how long, I'm not driving. Just folding and re-folding my arms, trying to position them out of direct sunlight. For a day person, I sure do loathe the sun. Sunlight on my skin. Hot and oppressive.

We head to a mall to pass some time, let The Queen of the Goths suit up, or whatever she has to do. Oh yeah, net addiction like me. Find (and return) a lost baby. Find (and steal) a lost easel. Ok, so it wasn't lost. But it certainly was waiting to be found.

On now to the Queen's abode, grab her and swing on over to the park with the tree sticking out of the house alongside it. I know, pure Cheese Factor Z3r0. But I knew her new home was close-by to the long fabled and admired tree-house, and.. I'm silly that way. Left for a humorous if uneventful time at Denny's. I did learn some tricks to zombie-proof my home, though.

Then the real fun began.. they tell me of this place, an enormous wooden playground castle not far away. We get there, and it's a veritable compound of mazey castle pathways, over and underpasses, slides, bars, thingamajigs and swings. Wackyness ensues. We climb. We run. We yell and laugh and play. Looking down from atop the highest tower, I dream of people I wish could join us. I remember why, while it's cool to be so close with my brother, sometimes I want to be an only child. Even for a week or two. *wink, wink.. nudge, nudge* Queenie and the Unibomer have a mockup sword fight with roman candles we found under the spires, while I swing. They move on, I keep swinging, watching my shadow.
Watching my Shadow.
Something in the air?
Silhouetted. Thoughtful.
Then there is shouting again, and running.. hiding and finding. Only after things wind down again does the necessary cop show up to shoo us. (Only open during daytime hours, don'cha know) Another stolen angel on the way home, a match for the one I got from Yee Olde Big Cemetary a few weeks ago. *Yoink!*

Overall, criminality high. But with a good feeling all the way through.

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