the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
the Ether Bunny

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My brain is so distracted and diffused. I can't seem to concentrate on anything at all and attempting to put anything into words proves futile. I can't even muster up the requisite focus to tell you all the marvelous wonders of the MAGICAL TICKET FAIRY, who followed myself and the Sensitive Artist for almost 2 blocks, leaving a crowd of ticketless petitioners in his wake, and offered them to us and only us for a $5 markup. What tickets might those be, you ask? Why, Psychadelic Furs and Echo and the Bunnymen, of course! S.A. keeps agonizing over the cause and motives of MAGICAL TICKET FAIRY. I say fuckit, we got to see Echo and the g0ddamnedmotherfucking Bunnymen with absolutely zero planning, don't look a gift MAGICAL TICKET FAIRY in the mouth.

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