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this entry may also be completed with the help of a camera phone

Tell me about your favorite kind of scrap paper.. if it's bar napkins or a particular bar's napkins, if it's college ruled and how perforated, if it's that brown lunchbag-grade paper toweling that used to be used in the freewheeling days of fully manual crank-as-thou-wilt-shall-be-the-whole-of-the-law towel delivery with ragged triangles where one day naught but folds would end up, if it's your arm, if you rip it out, snatch it up, or stuff it in between, if it's literally scraps or if it's broad and unblemished.

I find "romance boner" more crass than "spelling hiroshimas", but that may be because I believe in romance boners romance but not in Hiroshima.

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