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So many dreams, so little mind.

The most recent one and therefore stickiest in my head involved me spending Thanksgiving at Colin's. Well, his parents' place to be more accurate. I don't remember everything, I know it was a "good feeling" dream in a way that dreams involving signifigant other's parents usually aren't. Somehow, afterwards we were on the phone. He was asking me in the most hesitant, scared-as-fuck way if I would like to move to Doylestown with him. Damned if I know why Doylestown. (In both the context of the dream and in my mind.) For some reason I said yes. (Again, damned if I know why.)

Fux0r. I was going to write more dream stuff but it all melts away so quickly. So onward and upward to reality! And maybe one of the better compliments I've recieved lately. Sensitive Artist said I've actually been changing his perspectives on a lot of what's going on in his life atm. It's almost unbelievable, because when we were together, he didn't believe a word I said if it didn't reinforce his King of the Pessimists world view. That boy can turn a compliment into an insult faster than that kangaroo can turn frowns upside down. But after a series of long conversations in person and online, he called to leave a message just thanking me, and explaining that even though he tends to already think of every angle someone could use to try to cheer him up on something, I've actually been putting forth ideas and such that he hadn't prepared for. Wow. It's like the impossible fucking dream.

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