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I don't mind cross-stitching but cross-stitching shows make me furious.

Did Sketchers just tell me "added height for natural comfort"? I love not having to stalk around mumbling "Do you have any 'Spice Girl shoes'?" as much as the next tower of Shorty but back off, okay?

When I broke that toe the other week the whole premise behind not going to a doctor was all they'll really be able to do is x-ray it and wrap it against another toe, and I can wrap it myself, so screw the x-ray.. Of course however many days later and the only length of time it ever spent wrapped was that night and it still feels basically the same when I stand on wobbly things so I keep figuring I'd better wrap it for real soon. So, this afternoon while doing my nails I put one of those little nailpolish bling flowers on that one.

I suppose I dissent with the entire country on this one but last week there was nothing that felt better than stepping out side. Remaining outside another story, yes, but that first footstep onto the stoop when all at once, your entire skin felt warm..

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