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"I think there's gonna be a robot mutiny!"

One of my vague and partial memories from early childhood is watching a movie with my family (presumably on tv) about a space station containing Earth's last forests and something goes wrong so one guy spends a lot of time running around in space shouting the word "foorests!!" for pretty much the rest of the movie. That's the extent of the memory and no, I don't know the names of anyone I went to 1st grade with, or my elementary school teachers.

The other weekend I was flipping through the tv guide channel on my way off of whatever 70s sci-fi crap was currently on when I heard the word "foorest!!" call out to me. In the week between then and this morning when finally catching it I probably drove past Valley Forge six or so times, but I don't think I've ever been all up in there and seen its foorests. Chris insisted that the robots were played by humans because of the way they moved. I insisted they must be puppets or marionettes because no human legs and feet would fit in the robotic ones. I don't see what's so counterculture about a film that advocates jettisoning hippies into space. I bet the entire place was infested with ground-bees.

Speak of the devil.

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