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And the Pet Peeve of the day is:

People who spend most of their time on ongoing forms of mass communication.. be it LJ, messageboards, e-lists, whatever.. to tell everyone they like how very speshul they are and how dearly much they lurv them. It's like when they learned that one earliest lesson, they never gave a second thought to any other form of give and take. Flattery will get you lots of hugglez, yes. And every once in a while maybe someone who actually cares about you will slip in.. maybe. But when you've degraded your social interactions to the point where you're lacing every posting with affirmations of "I love you ALL!" and liberal slatherings of the ever-popular "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get lots of fawning attention from hordes of strangers!" and suchly.. well.. you piss me off.

I guess that's it.

Ok, not my best rant, but I had to vent some bile somewhere.

(And to curb any misunderstandings before they start, if you're on my friends list you are not in that category. It's not that I hate people complimenting each other at all or pointing out specific points of swellness.)

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