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I had this dream last night, like they always have on TV but I don't know if I'd ever had one like this before. The kind where you dream that you are dreaming, and wake up, but you're still fast asleep, still dreaming. I don't even remember what the first dream was.. but in the second portion, I woke up at my mom's house. Walked around petting cats, Yob in particular was very very small.. not like a kitten, just miniature normal shaped. I was carrying him all around and started to realize I was still dreaming. I recall frantically trying to wake myself up.. it felt.. indescribable. Almost exactly like those lame scenes we're so familiar with. There wasn't even anything wrong to be afraid of.. nothing to necessitate a hasty arousal. But I felt this senseless sense of urgency. In the end, I don't even know if knowing helped me wake up, or if the dream played itself out regardless of my frenetic wishes. When I did wake up, I felt calm. Not the slightest trace of urgency or fear.

Part of me feels a-feared by the whole ordeal. But... I think that's just the part of me that's programmed to fear. It's not like I never had a nightmare before, eh?

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