the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
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Biting my thumb.

Well that actually lasted longer than I expected it to. Went to sleep somewhere around the 43-44 hour mark. No "GeoCarp Revisited" or anything, but eh, I had nothing to do.

Although.... I did do something in the evening. I went down to talk to a woman about a seedy "work under the table for store credit" 1day/week job. She wasn't in, however. So I meandered down to South St, and into the den of The Enemy. Smiles flashed. Eyes glinted. Wit exchanged. "It's been so many years.." and other mischievous intentions. Looking out the window hoping any number of people didn't see me inside. Posturing and scrutinizing. Simpsons and Shakespeare. Then suddenly, I remembered I had to be somewhere else.

I'll be back.

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