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'like electricity, or bubblewrap'

This photograph needs a rake with a flashlight taped to it.

Go see Minniethemoocha's gallery show today.

Go see Miss McDonald's gallery show last month.

I have a suspicion I would be very bad at this.

I have a lot of things to say to you, like this reminds me of a million things about you, all of them good, and many things about your mother, also good, and you know what this is weird because I was always the least close to her out of 'everyone' but I miss her now. And god damn the rat situation, and your sentiments about hoarding I'm all over in a similar (and similarly inexplicable) fashion, and sort of I wish I came over on Thanksgiving (but sort of am glad I just chilled in), and of course you are right about the cigarette.

This looks like fun. My only question about this is are you in it for the long haul? (I am a geek, and an ex Christian, and I have never read those books.)

One stunning 18 wheeler, one reason to forgive.

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