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"'Cause that's just the kind of century we live in."

I'm emailing because you deserve a better answer than lj comments allow.

Basically, I flipped the fuck out.

Meaning.. I've been hearing so much from people about how we have to
help NO, what about the French Quarter, what about "landmark" what
about "that place I like to party", when I read your entry saying "But
this is New Orleans", I just exploded, internally anyway. Which is
totally unfair, and totally hypocritical. If I were evacuating
Philadelphia right now and it was the choice between fitting some
neighbors in my car or fitting my cats, in go my cats. I care about
the things that mean something to *me* just like everyone else does.
Plus who am I to say someone else's reason for giving isn't "valid".
What have I given. I've posted some links. I have a spare room and I
"think a lot" about actually *using* one of those webpages I posted
and days later I still am afraid to, I still "don't want that
disruption in my life". Who the fuck am I to be upset at all about
anyone else's charity. But.. with all these people just *dying*
everywhere and people talking about it like the icon is more important
than the lives.. despite as I said the inherrant hypocrisy, I bugged
out about it. And I understand on some level that just because someone
says that, doesn't mean they don't really care, doesn't mean anything
at all beyond, maybe it's so fucking HUGE that they don't know how to
face it either. People process and chose to express themselves however
makes sense to them. You're one of those people who is always talking
charity, in reality. I know that, I constantly see you trying to help
people, friends and strangers. I don't have a decent excuse. I'm
really sorry and of course adding you back. Christ. I dunno what else
to say.


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