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Now the inmates are in charge of the asylum


Incognito as "The Half-Naked Chef", (hey, it was really hot when I had to walk to the store for the flimflamming corkscrew), I made g0d-awesome beef stew tonight. Kinda a shame that no one was around but me, but fuck, I really enjoyed having the house all to me-self. Other than my shameful molesting of the cork when I thought I could just shove it into the bottle with my puny girl muscles, everything went smooth enough for a stew-virgin. The best part is it's chock-full of beefy goodness. Ok, so it might seem pretty lame to get excited about, but fuck it I love cooking. And even more, I love wanting to cook. I like not feeling apathetic to the point where everything I eat is in bar form.

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