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So I guess there is a holiday or something?

One of these headlines cracks me up. I don't have time to laugh about Philly getting involved because I'm too busy laughing at fucking Barrie, Ontario. I wish I had some coke. Making up for the lack of coke is the finding of those lyrics inserted into a handful of messageboard mentions of Live8. I think before this newfangled re-concert those lyrics existed online in all of 3 places.. now it's bulked up to a massive 18 results. (And anonymous internet person is right, Skinny Puppy should be playing the Canada venue.) I don't remember why I like Andrea Bocelli and I don't remember what he sings.

Is now the time to admit, my favorite local conferencey thing so far has been the billiard convention? They may not have brought The Billboards, but they def brought the fun.

I guess the title sounds sarcastic, huh.

I feel a little uncomfortable when I'm watching tv and see a commercial that's supposed to be talking to me. They're not very comfortable commercials.

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