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"I love your giant bags of weed.."

step 1: getting the Marvin's attention.

hold on a sec while I photoshop the carpet

step 2: like step one except he is facing you

cat toys and bearskin rugs

step 3: He rises in a vaguely zombiesque pose, front legs hanging down

it is kind of hard to take pics of moving cats

step 4: Fully extended Marvin begins to wave his arms slowly, stretching them up towards you. The key to maintaining an airborne Marvin is to make contact before he sees you've noticed and lowers himself. If you begin petting while he's still upright he maintains it as long as gravity allows.

now raise your hands in the air, and wiggle 'em like you just don't come into focus..

A more accurate (if freaky) portrayal of the fully upright Marvin.

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