the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
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The second the front door shuts, Sprockets is tearing around the entire house, room to room to room and back again, a good half hour until he tired himself out and slept on a remaining pile of Chris's clothes. Heretofore stalwart apathetic Bort even curled up on one of his shirts, having possibly never slept on his stuff before. Possibly, ever. I feel like shit just to vacuum, sucking his scent away from them.

I don't know where those shoes came from.

Or why he has like 8 pairs of black jeans that have never, ever been worn.

Sometimes I call him up to ask stuff like, "There's a bank card, and your social security card, and a checkbook..", and he comes by and takes the library cards and to hell with the rest.

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