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"I am neither a chef nor not a chef, I am in chef limbo."

Some mornings I wake up so early I manage to go blind before 8am. The other day, I woke up so early but instead Sprockets and I drug the computer to the tub and made statuary instead. (This replaces the long run of the most passive-aggressive backround in the world.) If someone for real made a desk with a tub underneath it they could have all of my money. Let's not quibble over price. Just take it.

I'm so in love with the concept of the thought of the idea that they have sleeping sickness. I can count on no hands the # of sleeping sickness references I've heard that weren't related to My First Hotmail.

Sometimes people ask me questions.

There's this magazine I keep removing from the bathroom.. Somehow, it keeps getting back into the bathroom. It doesn't seem to matter where in the house I leave it, what I bury it under, it always ends up in the same place, right by the toilet. Sometimes it's upturned in quasi-discretion, but often enough it's shamelessly sunny side up.

Speaking of "shameless" and "bathroom". He does this all the time.

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