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"Agreeing to agree? I can agree to that."

One thing led to another and the other night I found myself watching Ten Things I Hate About You. When I take baths, I used to read but I've run out of books and who can buy anything when there's not even bookshelves so now I browse cookbooks and Avon catalogues that come in the mail. Lately I can't really eat without feeling nauseated but even before that I so very recently put a piece of chocolate in my mouth that made me spit it out, it was that god fucking awful. Let's back that up a step. I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth. Moved it around on my tongue, chewed into it a bit.. then ran to the trash can, projectile-spit it, then proceeded to scrape the taste out of my mouth and brush with a vengeance. (;_;) The things that are going into my earholes and eyeholes and yes, even mouthhole lately are almost remarkable in their collective awfulness. I need something new to put in my holes.

Tell me the names of some LJs you think I'd like to read. Or you think that I should read. Something written in a way you think I'd vibe with, or something you think I could use being jarred by, however it works. The text block is set to max so if you want, you can probably put an entire friends list worth of friends in there. But oh! I almost forgot the disclaimerishness. I'm not really looking to add people, at least not in this way. I'm looking for something to read, and I'm curious, but that's about it.

It's time to name names:

After that, send me a motherfucking text message. (May have to be logged in for that, I'm not certain.) As riced out as my nut-shell is, I could use something bordering on human interaction right now.
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