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Am I still the Red Menace if I don't have red hair?

So, I'm going blonde, and the tiny genius what lives in my brain decided that waiting out the weekend in order to start calling salons bright and early Monday morning would be the best idea. Or, the slightly apprehensive so let's just have this last weekend as a redhead idea. Or, the I almost had an emergency while buying catfood in a coat that didn't fit yesterday idea*. (If you could have sensed the ill fit and the scratching and the way the shoulders ride up to my ears when I sit down that would make perfect sense.) (The business coat is not working out. The business coat would gain nothing by picking up a faint scent. The business coat does not feel bad about staying home on Christmas and New Years and Thanksgiving but not Easter.) So all the places who would have loved to take my call all weekend long are now closed, for hours, for days. I guess that means I get one last weekend and one last week and one last waiting for an appointment time period of undetermined length. I don't even know how this waiting game works. I'm used to 1) Get urge for color 2) Buy armload of color and developer and/or boxes, promising myself I'll wait until at least next week to do it (this part is integral to step 2) 3) Break down and dye it that night.

I'm vaguely uneasy about the color change, or rather the idea of the color change. I think I'm going to miss being a redhead, even if I don't miss having red hair. Then again part of me misses all the hair colors I don't have. And part of me still misses the presto chango, the "What color will Heather's hair be next month?" betting parlor, the way of recognizing myself that consists of glancing in a mirror knowing whoever I don't immediately recognize, it must be me.

And part of me wonders what year it will be when I come home all "Oops I fell down on the way home and now I have dreadlocks."

*(Closely related to the I've never been in salons beyond other people's wedding days idea.)

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