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(P.S. I'm not touching you.)

I have written a new thesis. It is the sentence fragment, "like a cd I want to buy, or a concert I want to go to." Those who know me will say it's reactive, but I mean really. We've spent the last 10 years not talking. Don't come to my job and jump up and down on the bed, ok? Concise ambiguity will be on my side. (Also, unconciousness, but that's not so concise.)

This morning was all blustery blizzards of winter. The joy of being a snowflake in a motherfucking blizzard, yo a snowstorm. (I confess, I prefer my snowstorm to Front) Later on music glass apples. I mean. Snow globes. Songs that are snow globes. You can feel their whole shape at the ends of your arms. Create around it as an object. The song that is over in itself.

I would like to think that the best way to define my life is to say that I don't want to have to think about what all of my skin is doing. I press against the encroaching idea that this is not a definition at all.

I wish I could communicate the idea of, having heard him leave the house (to go for a walk!), and to go down the stairs and see a pile of discarded clothes by the door. Grey khakis, a pair of socks. This is the kind of shape that has to be felt.

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