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"This has become my Christmas baking."

I think instead of a lactose intolerant cheesemonger or a goat farmer or a goat cheese farmer monger or a pallet redistribution engineer or a spearhunter, my husband might become an oyster bar aficionado when he grows up.

I have aspirations of my own.

Spookachu 6:23pm I've wanted to play one of these my whole life. :(

Well, my whole life since I got the idea to but never made a Marylin Manson type bard for D&D. ;(

Spookachu 6:25pm Or I could just be one, right? I could have a raging sonata?


Spookachu 6:26 Perhaps a very popular keen of woe? :(

Yesterday I finally wore out the cedar smell from that t-shirt that got laundered on the road. I stretched it out for as long as I could, but I could tell in the morning that it was on it's last legs, and wore it all through the day and night until the smell was replaced. I didn't think shirts actually smelled like cedar. I thought that was all urban legend (like the boogie man, or Michael Jackson).

Someone's been sleeping in my bed.. and he still is!!

Current mood: effectively stollens (as a non-technical term)

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