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When Siamang and I first moved here, we noticed brightly colored fliers on every telephone pole up and down the neighborhood. I wondered if there was a show coming up, or more importantly, whether there was a nearby venue that would have shows with any sort of regularity. Upon closer inspection, it turned out the entire neighborhood was one large, organic Fire Prevention campaign. "Remember! Fire kills in seconds!", stapled to any staplable surface. I was left ill at ease wondering why this particular neighborhood where I was now particularly living warranted so much particular attention in the department of fire safety.

As an aside, I will confess today (but deny on all later occasions, including accusations of "Liar, liar!" if someone attempts to dredge up this post), the one reason I find Fishtown intolerable above any conceivable additional complaints. The singular reason I do want to move to another part of the city when this lease is up: Cable tv in this neighborhood receives exactly one less channel than cable tv in the rest of the city. Without that channel, I can hardly breathe.

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