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Is that the technical term for dying to a great white shark?

Not to be outdone by my recent dream of Chris finding all the rap music on my computer, and how ever-so embarrassing that was, (He heard my Lil Kim music! Blush-blush!), tonight I dreamed for seemingly ever about trying to make a phone post, to request new shoes? I know *shit was going on* and I know *danger was afoot*. The future was so uncertain, I was going to phone-post to LJ about it? It's foggy at this point. I spent so long writing out what would have been my phone entry, despite people everywhere, despite the many hanging around in the room with my computer, making comments about some movie I was playing. I think I was playing a (very un-Star Warsy) Star Wars movie in order to garner some privacy via distraction. So I scribble and scrawl and cross out and rewrite, until I have a painstakingly designed entry ready to go, and the phone post number (which I had thoughtfully programmed into my phone!) told me I was banned from making phone posts! The dream pretty much fell apart at that point and I woke up, possibly attributable to the tree-trimming going on outside, but likely after having died of consumption in my dream.

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