the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
the Ether Bunny

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Conversations that never happen.

"No, I didn't break down, I turned it off and got out because I wanted to come back and appologize for cutting you off when we were getting on the ramp. I only did it 'cause you had your blinker on at the time for a direction you were obviously not going and I didn't want to be behind *that car*.. but now I feel like I shouldn't have and came back to say I was wrong and tell you to have a nice day. You should, ya'know?"

"How'd I get your number? Well, you know when the girl at the counter said she was going out for a smoke? She actually went out to write your license plate # down. After you left I begged it off her and had a friend do a reverse-lookup to get your name."

"How much do you want for the Safety Belt?"

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