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"I will oft remember you in moments of intense bitterness. >:("

I have addicted Chris to microwave popcorn, who has in turn addicted me to microwave popcorn. A few months ago I was having a bag and offered it to him. He liked it enough to buy another box. Followed by another.. and another. First he was frequently snacking on it, but that led quickly into full-on, no holds barred popcorn meals. Left to my own devices, I tended to have it anywhere from a couple times one week to not for a few months then again back to here and there. Like any snack, it waxes and wanes. Now there is popcorn every day. He has it, then the house smells like popcorn, so I crave it. Normally once the smell accumulates enough to be a recognized smell lingering in the kitchen, I start feeling ill and go off it for a while. Not now. Something about this secondhand popcorn keeps drawing me in.

I wasn't metaphoring on that gangsta-style mouse thing. So yes, my hand really does spend a large portion of the day coiled around that curve like a hook. For the past week or so I've been forcing myself to hold my wrist straighter. Sometimes, if I remember very well for a looong while, it sort of, almost starts to feel natural. I'm not truely devoted to the cure, of course. You people have no idea the allure of the hook hand. Well. Ok.. maybe one or.. maybe a half dozen of you know, but the rest of you have no idea I assure you!! For years, I admired the bit-of-hair-that's-not-quite-bangs-but-makes-a-wavy-line-down-the-side-of-the-face from afar. I admired it, but I never could bring myself to covet one. It just didn't seem like the kind of hair I could have. Now, purely by accident while growing out my old straight-across-shorty bangs, I have developed a bit-of-hair-that's-not-quite-bangs-but-makes-a-wavy-line-down-the-side-of-the-face. Who needs seven trumpets of rams' horns when you have the hair thing and a hook hand? Not me.

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