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He was driving, we were together in the back seat. You were sitting behind me with your arms wrapped around mine, rubbing my arms. A little upper, but mostly my forearms. Everyone was talking.

Before that, a large party where I somehow forgot my second purse (even in dreams I have an other one), my shoes, and something important which I managed to forget over the course of the day. I couldn't go back because the house was up the steepest of hills, with the windingest of roads, and everything was covered in melty snow. I don't think I'd forgotten my shoes until I thought to walk back up the hill carless to get whatever else I'd left. Dreams are somewhat genius that way in how they remember to foil you after the fact. So we all went back the next day, or maybe later that night, and the homeowners were so rude, so "Go fuck yourself and whatever you forgot", but we found everything accidentally. I looked for the mystery item under a bed and found my purse. In fact, I think it wasn't missing either until I found it. I put it inside my real purse. Someone found my shoes near some paintings. I don't remember if we ever found what I initially lost. But the ride home made it all better.

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